All Your Spray Tanning Questions Answered

Posted on July 30 2018

Spray tanning has been around for ages, but you’d be surprised at how little people know about it. People come up with all sorts of questions; some are pertinent, the others absurd. If you’re interested in getting a spray tan and are looking for spray tan machines for sale in Australia,you should read on and dispel most of the doubts and misconceptions you have about spray-tanning.

Is It Safe?

The primary component of spray tan solutions is DHA or dihydroxyacetone. It is a derivative of glycerine, is colourless and basically interacts with amino acids from dead skin cells to render a colour change to brown. It has been approved by the FDA after rigorous testing and is quite safe. It is, however, a good idea to go for a renowned manufacturer so that you don’t end up buying a low-quality product. Also buy good quality spray tan machines for sale if you are in Australia so that the spread is even and there are no other side-effects.

How Long Would the Tan Last?

Tans last anywhere between 5 and 10 days depending on how well they are prepared, administered, and taken care of. The skin holds colour much longer when it gets used to the spray after a few applications. Then a top-up every couple of weeks would be enough.

How Brown Do People Usually Get after Spray Tans?

This is hard to pin down because it depends greatly on your skin tone. Some get a dusky glow, others could go quite brown. Repeated applications allow your skin to get used to it and become darker.

What Could You Do to Ensure the Best Spray Tan Experience?

While the process is rather straightforward, there are some things you should do to ensure that there are no hassles or issues throughout and that you get the most of the entire experience. First, you should definitely exfoliate thoroughly before getting a spray tan. Better exfoliation means a shallower, less persistent layer of dead skin and a more even, longer-lasting tan. You should also moisturize every single day after getting a spray tan so that the skin doesn’t dry out or exfoliate prematurely.

When Can I Shower after a Spray Tan?

You should leave a tan on to dry for at least five hours. Clear solution tans don’t even need you to take a shower; you can go straight to bed. With bronzer, you might risk staining your sheets so it is a good idea to take a shower first.

Are There Any Skin Type Restrictions for Spray Tan?

Several people are concerned about whether they are too fair to get a tan, but this is exactly the audience for whom spray tanning was made- those who can’t tan naturally. You are likely to get a fantastic tan.

Is Body Hair an Issue?

Body hair is not a problem. There will be some drops of solution left behind on your hair after the treatment, just towel them off.

What Intensive Activity Should I Avoid after Spray Tanning?

You should wait at least six hours before swimming. It’s best to avoid it altogether because chlorinated water has a very fast bleaching effect. If you’re swimming in the sea, go for short spells because soaking for longer means letting the tan come off faster. You should limit sex and pretty much any other activity that involves sweating because this would make the tan run and become uneven. You’ve got to wait a few hours, take a shower and then get back to your schedule.

There are many factors which affect what your tan looks like, ranging from the quality of the solution to the skill of the administrator. If you have had a bad experience, don’t give up, but try to look for a different solution or clinic. It is also a good idea to check if you can find better spray tan machines for sale in Australia if the last tan was uneven or dripping. Go for the lightest tan possible first, and see where it takes you.

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