Arabesque Makeup

Sunless and beauty provides Arabesque makeup manufactured in Germany and offers high quality products. Easy choice and confident use of tailor made make-up products – that is ARABESQUE. 

ARABESQUE offers you a completely up-to-date assortment of four harmoniously matching colour families.

All colours of the same family can be mixed to make harmonious and attractive combinations.

Products Sunless and beauty will be offering are:


ARABESQUE. The right foundation for every requirement. A long-lasting base for a radiant complexion: a foundation that matches your natural skin tone. ARABESQUE offers a wide range of foundations and powders for individual preferences and skin types.


Perfect eye make-up for more expressive and more glowing eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul and reveal a great deal about a person’s nature. ARABESQUE offers a wide range of products to emphasize and intensify the individual radiance of your eyes.


Soft, cared-for lips, a perfect lip contour and a matching lipstick are the secret of a complete lip make-up. The wide range by ARABESQUE cares lips sensuously beautiful and emphasizes every smile with vivid colors.


Emphasize your best features!
Our various shades of rouge and special powder are the ideal products for giving extra emphasis to some facial features and for disguising others, or for bringing out and highlighting certain parts of the face. The wide range of colours offers you and your client every opportunity to conjure up a face with fresh appeal and special radiance.

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