Beauty Shaper Collagen Tower

BeautyShaper from Sunlessandbeauty delivers state-of-the-art design with an invisible integrated exhaust system that minimizes noise for a relaxed & comfortable fitness & beauty session. Sunlessandbeauty is supplying collagen red light standup with 50 Red Light lamps &  vibraNano vibration plate (special order) provide an invigorating, light activated environment to stimulate, energize and refresh your clients to complement their normal fitness regime or just use as a stand-alone service, benefiting core strength, muscle tone, skin care & relaxation. 

Collagen Red Light Tower

Recover, repair and rejuvenate with collagen red light therapy. Our Collagen Red Light Standup uses red light energy to stimulate pure collagen production. Using Non-UV wavelengths in the 600–700 nm range, the process activates Photo Rejuvenation within the body. This promotes the production of collagen which is the body’s natural plumping protein. Red light stimulates collagen which can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, encourage firmer skin and improve your overall appearance.

While basking in the soothing glow of red light lamps, the machine warms and activates the vibration platform at the base of the machine. This encourages muscles to firstly flex, then relax, as the body responds to the treatment.

Combining red light energy with gentle vibrations encourages the circulation of collagen produced during the process while increasing your metabolic rate.

 Skin rejuvenation and body toning


  • Diminishes the presence of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhances the appearance of skin
  • Shrinks pore size
  • Reduces the effect of environmental factors such as prolonged sun exposure. 

Areas of Concentration:

  • Face (laugh lines, smoker’s lines etc.)
  • Eye area (crow’s feet, eye bags etc.)
  • Chest/neckline
  • Hands
  • Thighs/legs
  • Feet