Holiday Depilatory Wax

European Wax coming to Australia

Holiday Depilatpry Wax

 Looking for high quality wax products including pre and post wax solutions.

From its founding in 1975 Holiday has asserted itself as leader, even on the international markets. Our wax is different because of its low melting point, elasticity, softness, durability, efficiency and high quality.

There is no one single formula suited to all needs. That is why we offer a wide range of products one of which will certainly solve your individual problems. 

Sunless and beauty will be offering the following waxes for hair removal.

  • ELASTIC Hair Removal Wax Drops with Shea Butter

    Also know as Hot Wax or Stripless Wax. Elastique offers top quality for unbeatable performance, the capability to remove hair at the first pass, with no second passes: low-temperature, elastic, strip-free White and BLACK Wax offers all this. For every part of the body, especially for the trickiest zones.

    • Excellent Strip Wax  Vino,Mermaid and Olive Oil.
    They come in 800 gram recyclable tins ready to fit in most wax warmers
    The modern cosmetics has discovered the beneficial healing effects of red wine may provide  antioxidant and anti aging.

    Liposoluble depilatory wax with Excellent Oil Extract Oil obtained from ripe fruit of the olive tree; depilation becomes a moment of regeneration.

    The EXCELLENT line acquires a trendy new product: MERMAID liposoluble wax.

    Purple, blue and emerald green tints evoking an iridescent mermaid look, and exquisite gentleness on the skin thanks to Holiday EXCELLENT quality
    • Top Formula Pink Strip Wax with Titanium Dioxide

    When accurate selection of the best raw materials blends with the highest performing plant-based resins, the result is our Top wax, a gentle but firm touch, stripping that is effective and yet delicate. It gives superb results and leaves the skin impeccable, even after treatment.

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