Mystic Tan Self Tanner

Mystic Tan: the #1-selling sunless tanner in the world!


The Mystic Tan Difference

Mystic Tan self-tanning products – including lotions, sprays, bronzers, and more – are easy to apply, long lasting, and made with only premium ingredients for a safe and effective tan every single time. If you want the best, most natural-looking tan, choose Mystic Tan today!

Natural and dark
long lasting No odor No Orange

Natural & Dark

Control your color from a glow to a deep, dark, natural looking tan


Same premium ingredients as our professional spray tans guarantee a self-tan that outlasts the competition


No Odor

Formulated with Odor-Ban 200, designed to virtually eliminate tanning odor

No Orange

Mystic Tan uses only premium, Eco-Certified and skin pH balancing ingredients

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