Wellsystem Hydrojet Dry Massage Bed

Hydrojet Heated Dry Water Massage Bed

Contact free Hydrojet massage is available at Sunlessandbeauty. State of the art dry water massage beds available for sale in Australia. Looking to add Hydrojet Dry Water massage to your business. Sunlessandbeauty supplies to Gyms, Hotels, Wellness Clinics, Massage Centres, Physiotherapist, Chiropractors and more. In today's society, the way we take care of our own health has changed considerably over the past few years and lots of studies continue to describe the topic of health and wellness as a "mega-trend". Peoples' standards of personal well-being and health are increasing and they are ready to take an active part in this. Wellsystem meets these standards with innovative product concepts. These are subject to consistent development: Wellsystem’s dry water massage systems are especially silent due to the water-cooled pumps for instance.

 // Discover our top class dry water massage systems. Now with even more functions: Wellsystem Medical_Plus and Wellsystem Relax_Plus. //

Water massage and warmth therapy in one: Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical Plus are a profitable approach to encouraging patient loyalty, thus ensuring lasting business success at your practice. They are the ideal therapy supplement for patients suffering from stress, muscular tension and back pain. Therapeutic whole body or partial body massage using the targeted force of water – without having to change your clothes or take a shower afterwards: Wellsystem Medical products relax the muscles to soothe stiffness and cramps. Beneficial warmth stimulates the entire metabolism. An individual health service suitable for a wide range of indications. The Hydrojet Water massage is contact free and can operate from reception with a timer.

// Wellsystem – Creator of the Hydrojet.  

Switch on to switch off: Dry water massage with Wellsystem Relax and Wellsystem Plus relaxing whole body or partial body massage using the targeted force of water. Warm water jets hit the underside of the natural rubber bed in even movements and massage your body from head to toe. Fully clothed, without having to take a shower afterwards. Fast availability at all times. Simple to handle. A profitable investment in the wellbeing of your clients and staff, alike.


Relaxing in every sense: Wellsystem_Spa creates a world of relaxation using water, light, air, colour, aroma and sound for individual relaxation requiring a minimum of space. Wellsystem_Spa is the valuable addition for all Wellsystem products and enhances the recuperative effects of the dry water massage with its diverse range of programmes. At the same time, Wellsystem_Spa provides the proven advantages of all Wellsystem products: minimal space requirements and high operating convenience.


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