Dr Grandel Cleansing Soft Tonic 200 ml.

Dr Grandel Cleansing Soft Tonic 200 ml.


Dr. Grandel Soft Tonic 200ml (6.76 oz)

Provides the skin with beneficial moisture and prevents the skin from feeling taut.

Excellently prepares the skin for further skin care.


GRANDEL Soft Tonic is a soothing tonic without alcohol. The moisturizing Soft Tonic prevents tension and provides a relaxed feeling. It soothes sensitive, stressed skin and prepares it optimally for the following care steps.


Correct application of GRANDEL Soft Tonic:


Cotton pad with DR GRANDEL Soft Tonic water and then apply to cleansed face, neck and décolleté.




Active Ingredients:





200 ml

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