Norvell Venetian Sunless Tanning Color extender moisturising 8.5 Oz

Norvell Venetian Sunless Tanning Color extender moisturising 8.5 Oz


NORVELL Venetian Sunless Color Extender

An exotic bronze with more benefits than ever before! This bronze-boosting DHA tanning treatment expertly tans and tones in one routine-simplifying step. 

The Norvell Venetian Sunless Color Extender daily lotion showcases Norvell’s award winning bronze and violet tones, along with the skincare benefits of a CC cream. A rich moisturizer, that now brightens and firms the skin, this sunlee extender is formulated with an effective amount of DHA that gradually develops sunless color intensity over multiple applications to build or extend a tan. Now with darker instant bronzers.

Proprietary formula enhances all skin tones and undertones for seamless, believable color that lasts and creates a seamless transition until your next professional spray tan or at-home sunless application.

  • EXQUISITE AND EXOTIC: This unique, award-winning Norvell Venetian sunless tan extender / enhancer deposits DHA comprised of violet and brown hues that ingeniously mimic the stunning and exotic bronze skin tones found in the sultry, sun-soaked shores of the European Riviera. A gradual tanning cream that’s steps above all others. Bronzers add an instant bronze hue while DHA works to slowly build a deep tan.
  • BREATH OF FRESH AIR: Tend to your tan while breathing in the intoxicating and addicting beachy aroma of Norvell proprietary scent Paradise Breeze. You’ll feel like you’ve been instantly transported to the idyllic seascapes of the Italian Amalfi coast.
  • ENVELOP SKIN WITH ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS: Bursting at the brim with beautifying botanical oils of grapeseed and hempseed, including olive-derived squalane, antioxidant vitamins C and E, and essential extracts of green tea, lemon peel, strawberry, and banana fruit, this age-defying tanning extender lotion will envelop your buffed, bronzed body with succulent, moisture and much-needed nourishment.
  • DHA DIFFERENCE FOR EVERY BODY: Cool, innovative formulation produces both cool and warm undertones that compliment every skin tone, while premium-grade DHA ingredient locks into top layer of skin, optimizing sunless tanning performance for a rich, long-lasting, luscious tan.
  • TANS, AND TONES: Get summer-sexy skin that’s tight, toned, and tanned from head-to-tippy-toe with this luxe tan extender enriched with body-buffing glycolic and alpha-hydroxy acids, plus pin-perfecting caffeine to help kick cellulite to the curb. Our self tanning lotions deliver outstanding color and nourish your skin too.

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