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Cooled air chamber for cryotherapy treatment

Discover the ultimate biohacking solution for your body at Cryo Total’s state-of-the-art cryotherapy chamber. Step into a world of unparalleled benefits as you immerse yourself in subzero temperatures of -140 degrees for a transformative 2 to 3-minute session. Harnessing the power of cryotherapy, our advanced chamber biohacks your body to provide exceptional pain relief, optimize body composition, fortify immune health, expedite recovery, and ignite a surge of revitalizing energy. Experience the remarkable decrease in inflammation, accelerated metabolism, and the remarkable increase in both Deep and REM sleep quality. Unleash the full potential of your body and embark on a biohacking journey with Cryo Total’s whole body cryotherapy chamber. Elevate your wellness, optimize your performance, and unlock new levels of vitality like never before.

Efficient therapy in low temperatures

According to scientific and medical research, the optimum efficiency of whole body cryotherapy procedures, is achieved once the body is exposed to temperatures up to -120 to -140°C (-184F to -284F) for a 1-3 minutes, reducing the skin’s surface temperature.

Larger than ever

Touch screen display size 21”

The largest display in a cryotherapy chamber build in inside a body frame without bezels. Thanks to the huge surface of the monitor, we were able to focus on designing a clean, intuitive interface that shows many parameters during the session, without affecting the readability and ease of use of the device

Adjust the treatment as needed

Cryo Total has the ability to lower the window, which allows you to adjust the treatment to the preferences indicated. The operator can set up a full-body or part-body cryotherapy treatment in which the head protrudes above the cold air, which affects the circulation of cold air inside the capsule.

Innovatory system separating vapors

100% breathable air environment with no client contact with nitrogen vapors.

Cryotherapy treatments benefits

Cooling strategies have been used for centuries to limit fever and improve performances or improve recovery.

Reducing depression or anxiety symptoms up to


It accelerates metabolism for all day up to


Faster regeneration of muscles and joints up to


Health benefits of using cryotherapy treatments

Recovery & performance

The reason why so many top athletes use cryotherapy is its ability to speed up recovery, improve the training results and overall performance.


Due to the same endorphins mentioned above, Cryotherapy can help anyone struggling with Insomnia. Not getting enough sleep can sometimes be deeply entwined with any stress or weight gain you may be experiencing. Insomnia can cause a handful of problems you didn’t have before so a good nights sleep is important if you want to function at your best.

Pain & arthritis

Cryotherapy’s anti-inflammatory effects can drastically reduce muscle and joint pain. It is also known to help people suffering from Arthritis.


Cryotherapy can reduce any kind of inflammation on your body with the help of a variety of enzymes and by boosting the immune system.

Weight loss

Cryotherapy causes the body to produce a hormone called Norepinephrine. This increases the fat metabolism up to 6 days and the impact of one session is equivalent to burning 500-800 calories.

Collagen production

Cryotherapy can boost your collagen production which is an essential anti-aging building block. Increased collagen can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by plumping the skin and increasing elasticity creating a more youthful and smoother look.

Stress and anxiety

During Cryotherapy your body releases endorphins which in return can affect your overall mood in a positive way. Cryotherapy can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression by simply making you feel happier. A positive mind can do wonders in improving yourself and your life.

Skin conditions

If you suffer from any skin conditions such as acne or even eczema, you might want to give Cryotherapy a try. Many of the benefits mentioned above play a part in improving the skin by alleviating stress, increasing collagen or reducing inflammation. Cryotherapy encourages cell rejuvenation and can expel toxins out of your body. All these things working together can clear up the skin and give relief to Eczema or Psoriasis-like symptoms.


The freezing temperatures in Cryotherapy increase your blood circulation which makes it easier to deliver oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes throughout the body.

General health & Wellness

Constricting the benefits of Cryotherapy to only 10 is not easy. It is a powerful treatment that promotes a lot of good to your general health and wellness. Whether you’re looking for anti-aging results, improved mental health, help with weight loss or reduce pain, Cryotherapy is worth trying.

Constant temperature inside cryo cabin

The technology used in Cryo Total evenly distributes cold air in the cabin, which thoroughly cools the patient inside.

Intuitive interface

Beautifully designed, very readable interface, displayed on a large additional screen

Auto drying system

Powerful warm air pumps, dry the entire cabin efficiently and quickly

Two way communication

The safety and comfort of the procedure is our priority, which is why we have facilitated the patient's contact with the operator, enabling communication through built-in microphones and audio communication devices.

Spacious interior

The interior of the cabin has been designed in such a way that the patient does not feel claustrophobic. The cabin enables the treatment of two patients at the same time.

Quick prefreezing to start treatment in a minutes

Safety sensors

Cryo Total cryotherapy capsule is equipped with a sensor that detects the position of the door. During the cryotherapy treatment, when the door is opened, the session will be automatically paused by the security system.

Full drying feature

To keep the cabin clean and to prevent moisture inside, the capsule is equipped with heat pumps that dry the cabin quickly and efficiently.

Important alerts

Cryo Total will inform you about important messages or instructions for using the cryotherapy cabin. All instructions will appear clearly on the screen.

Intuitive interface

Quickly control the temperature inside the cabin, set the window in the right position, or choose the right program in an easy way.

Boosting your immune system helps you destroy viruses quicker

During cryotherapy your body’s production of anti-inflammatory hormones significantly increases, reducing inflammation in the body. This reduced inflammation helps your body heal and recover faster, and reduces pain in problem areas. During the session, your body also undergoes low doses of physical stress from the cold. Such stress keeps your cells on their toes and can then bring about an adaptive response which strengthens your immune system. This happens because of the increase of your body’s immune cells. This boost to your immune system helps you destroy viruses and fight off tumor factors.

Plenty additional functions combined in Infrashape Horizontal

Muscle recovery

Thanks to Cryo Total cryotherapy treatment athletes can train harder, longer, and recover quicker, which helps them achieve maximum results from workouts and improve performance as well. During a treatment, as temperatures rapidly cool, oxygen is pushed through the body to help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and recover the muscles.

Beauty & anty aging

Cold treatment in Cryo Total cryo chamber can help maintain a youthful appearance by reducing the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, while also tightening the skin and reducing cellulite. Cryotherapy stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of skin resulting in a smoother, firmer and more youthful look.

Weight loss

Improves the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system. It is one of the most effective treatments for edema. Lymphatic drainage improves the transport of mineral salts and water, and supports immune processes.

Health & Wellness

Medical studies have shown that WBC or PBC treatment helps individuals battle insomnia and induces deeper sleep. The treatment also reduces stress and anxiety, and improves the immune system and organ function.

Boost immune system

During cryotherapy your body's production of anti-inflammatory hormones significantly increases, reducing inflammation in the body. This happens because of the increase of your body's immune cells. This boost to your immune system helps you destroy viruses and fight off tumor factors.

Pain management

Treatments in Cryo Total reduces pain and speeds up the injury recovery process. During a treatment, the body slows down nerve signal transmissions and releases a neurotransmitter that reduces pain sensitivity. The treatment also speeds up the recovery process by boosting the flow of nutrient-rich blood.



Height: 232,5 cm (91,54 inches)
Depth: 125 cm (49,21 inches)
Width: 197,5 cm (77,76 inches)

Weight: 290 kg

Power supply: 230V or 110V

Maximum power needed: 10amp 230VAC / 20amp 110VAC

Cooling down time: 3-5min

Temperarture range: up to -140°C

Touch display size: 21”

Tank pressure: 22 Bar

Electric window: Yes

Door sensor: Yes

Audio Two-way communication: Yes

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