dr. müller omega

Vitality and rejuvenation

The Dr. Müller Omega is a rich wellness experience designed for vitality and rejuvenation. Its features transport you to a luxurious oasis at the touch of a button.

The light reaches the deepest layers of your skin to enliven it from the inside out. Resulting in a more refreshed, flushed, and younger-looking complexion.


large and luxurious

40x Collagenic tubes to diminish wrinkles and fine lines.


complete wellness experience

Equipped with many features and options to boost your wellness experience.


fast rejuvenation session time

Step inside and rejuvenate your complexion for 15 minutes of absolute bliss.


available in two colours

In the beautiful Dream White Metallic or attention-grabbing Fancy Red Metallic.

Standard equipped with

age control

Set your own age control regarding the minimum age for a session in your region. Only by pressing the ‘18+’ button, the session will start. The Age Control is a standard safety control setting in the IQ Touch Control and can be installed by you.


Wireless Bluetooth connection to the user’s smartphone and the Dr. Müller device. Users can select their favourite songs and enjoy them through the Dr. Müller sound system.

rainbow manager

With the enclosed remote control, controlling the Rainbow Manager has never been easier. The Rainbow Manager creates an interior and exterior light show. With this feature, you can set the colour to suit the mood and style of your studio. From setting a standard colour to smooth colour transitions, the Rainbow Manager always takes care of the right mood. The device will look appealing at all times, even in standby mode.

air extraction hose

Enjoy the atmosphere of a fitting ventilation system. Warm air is extracted from the device through a separate channel, creating the perfect atmosphere for a rejuvenating session. On top of that, it is the perfect cooling application for the light therapy devices.

iq touch control

The IQ Touch Control is an innovative and unique two-way digital touch screen for professionally controlling the Collagenic and Beauty Light Therapy device. Users can control every high-tech feature the way they prefer, so they can enjoy a moment of relaxation the way they want. The easily recognisable icons make fast and intuitive control possible.

voice guide

Add the Voice Guide module with its verbal instructions for a personal guide through on how to use the IQ Touch Control and its features. The friendly female voice helps users navigate the extensive options of the Dr. Muller light therapy devices for a superlative wellness experience. *Note: the standard language is in English. Nevertheless, this can be changed to any other language, with prior notice.

electronic ballasts

The Electronic Ballasts secures the longevity of the light therapy lamps and save on energy bills. It improves the efficiency of the tubes and generate an energy saving of approximately 30%.


With the built-in Cooler system the temperature is always on optimal comfort. At the touch of a button, fresh air is blown out of the ventilators to cool the user’s body and face. Therefore, creating the perfect conditions for a relaxing session.

music pro

Enjoy your favourite songs while also charging their mobile in the USB port. Music Pro can be extended with Voice Guide, Wellness Sound and Bluetooth.

wellness sound

Include Wellness Sound to create a truly relaxing light therapy session. Soft nature sounds will guarantee a peaceful relaxation, whereas the sound of slow Eastern music will comfort the mind and body of the user for a personal moment of happiness.

shoulder light therapy

The Shoulder Light Therapy feature provides an extra bundle of Collagenic Light from a horizontal angle. These five low-pressure Collagenic Light lamps are perfect for the much-forgotten area, the shoulders. You can easily switch it on or off via the IQ Touch Control, but why would you?

Additional options


Add the Airco feature and never break a sweat. The premium air-conditioning system guarantees a fresh and exhilarating wellness feeling.


The aroma feature gives users the choice to enjoy a refreshing fragrance for an entirely indulgent session that will make them look and feel great. Wellness for all senses! The Aromatherapy option is available in combination with the Breeze feature.


Feel refresh by enhancing the rejuvenation experience with cool water breezes. The Breeze system will, at a constant adjustable pace, spread a fine mist of distilled water throughout the entire device. The moisture comes out from a small drip-free nozzle that is perfectly placed to cool off the occupant’s body and increase the relaxing sensation. The Breeze option comes with the Aroma option. Opt for both and transform the Dr. Müller light therapy device into a total wellness experience.

  • Top Lamps: 22x Dr. Müller Collagenic Light 180W E-Tronic | 190 cm
  • Bottom Lamps: 18x Dr. Müller Collagenic Light 120W E-Tronic | 190 cm
  • Shoulder Lamps: 5x Dr. Müller Collagenic Light 25W E-Tronic | 51 cm
  • Recommended exposure time: 15 minutes
  • Minimum Net weight(1) (+airco): 210 Kg (250 Kg)
  • Minimum Crated weight(1) (+airco): 270 Kg (315 Kg)
  • Power supply (+airco): 3x 400V + N + PE (3x 400V + N + PE)
  • Plug and cable (+airco): 16A CEE 5x 2,5mm2 (16A CEE 5x 2,5mm2)
  • Power (+airco): 6.900W (7.900W)
  • Breaker/Fuse [slow] (+airco): 3x 16A (3x 16A)
  • Dimensions open (+airco): 232 x 152 x 148 cm (232 x 152 x 148 cm)
  • Dimensions closed (+airco): 232 x 138 x 124 cm (232 x 138 x 124 cm)
  • Boxed dimensions (+airco): 233 x 126 x 145 cm (233 x 126 x 145 cm)

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