Tmax Timing Systems

Sunlessandbeauty specializes in offering a variety of products, and among their offerings are the Tmax Manager Touch and the Tmax 3W wall timers. These timers are designed to cater to specific needs in various industries. Your staff can control everything from the font desk and see how much time is left on the treatment. No need to keep running to the room.

  1. Tmax Manager Touch: Sunlessandbeauty provides the Tmax Manager Touch, a sophisticated timer system that likely offers advanced control and management features. This timer is ideal for businesses such as salons, fitness centers, and wellness spas, allowing owners to regulate equipment start times efficiently.

  2. Tmax 3W/G2 Wall Timers: Additionally, Sunlessandbeauty offers the Tmax 3w wall timers, which are designed for precise timing functions. These timers are versatile and can be employed in various settings, including tanning, fitness, and wellness facilities. They empower business owners to have control over when their equipment starts operating, ensuring smooth and well-organized operations.

The T-Max® 3W/G2 ™can be used as an independent timer, or can be used as a front desk controller to control another T-Max® timer in the tanning room for remote single bed control. The T-Max® 3W/G2™ at the front desk will control the T-Max® timer in the room; whether it’s another T-Max® 3W/G2™ or a T-Max® certified timer in the tanning bed.

T-Max® 3W/G2™ Enclosure

The T-Max® 3W/G2™ is designed to fit nicely into a plastic double wide light switch box. If you prefer to hang the T-Max® 3W/G2™ on your wall, a optional slick looking enclosure is available.

For specific details about these timers and their compatibility with different equipment, email or phone 1300554144.These timers play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality and efficiency of businesses in the beauty, wellness, tanning and fitness sectors, offering owners the ability to manage equipment activation effectively.

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