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Unique pilates capsule for hot yoga exercise

Introducing the Hot Pilates Capsule for Sale in Australia – Perfect for Wellness and Fitness Salons

Elevate your wellness or fitness salon with our exclusive Hot Pilates Capsule, now available for sale in Australia. This innovative capsule seamlessly combines the essence of traditional mat pilates with the contemporary appeal of hot pilates.

Unlock the Benefits

The Activshape Hot Pilates Capsule provides a holistic approach to exercise and physical movement. It’s designed to not only stretch, strengthen, and sculpt the body but also challenge and fortify the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.

Experience the Heat

Inside this Pilates capsule, a gentle warmth is maintained at the body’s natural temperature of 36.6°C (100°F). This heat infusion enhances body shaping and rehabilitation benefits, creating an optimal environment for your clients to achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your salon’s offerings with the Hot Pilates Capsule, a cutting-edge fitness solution designed for Australia. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of adding this transformative piece of equipment to your salon.


Modern pilates

Be ready to sweat, move, burn calories and improve muscle tonus!

This is a very unique and innovative pilates equipment on current world market which brings amazing rehabilitation, weight loss, and improve body shape benefits. Our manufacturing team created unique and modern designed pilates equipment with convinient entrance
to capsule. The bottom table could drive ahead. For create this hot yoga capsule we used only luxury materials made in European union.

Energize mind and body

You could get yoga class in hot capsule will challenge and energize mind and body. Also elevate a heart rate, tone of muscles and strengthen your core. Set to energizing pilates music in a heated capsule, this hot yoga class incorporates the hottest moves for a truly unique and exciting pilates or yoga workout. The capsule temperature is set around 100°F or 36.6°C degrees with special humidity. Informative touch screen display show positions for pilates exercises. A bottom pilates table goes out before workout for convenient position to come inside pilates machine.

Resistance ropes

You could find resistance ropes inside Activshape Pilates hot capsule. Each rope has resistance of 1.5 kg for the wrists and ankles. Using a ropes as dumbbells you will move through a series of poses. This new style of yoga will help you build strength, flexibility and balance, plus it’s a great way to firm up and tighten your body and enhance your body shape.

Display size




Infrared IR radiation


Pull-out mat


Virtual guide thru 40 static hot yoga poses

More than 40 positions for exercise inside heated pilates capsule. This static hot yoga poses are showing on color display with an energizing and challenging flow. Workout in infrared heated pilates capsule is more meditative, restorative and effective than traditional yoga or pilates. Taught in a pilates heated to 36.6oC/100oF degrees with special humidity, this hot yoga class offers all the benefits of held postures while adding a modified vinyasa flow to increase the heart rate and build internal heat. Practitioners of all levels are welcome to our unique pilates capsule for hot yoga workout!

Heating system

The capsule is equipped with a system that maintains a constant temperature inside the cabin at 36.6°C. When the body is heated, more blood vessels dilate, which promotes blood flow. Increased blood flow can aid in pain relief. Toxins can be flushed out of injured areas of the body allowing for better range of movement. It’s especially beneficial for lower back pain, muscle aches and pains.

Hot pilates warms your muscles up from the get go, it increases your flexibility and also reduces the risk of injury as the muscle is already well warmed up.

Pull-out mat

Retractable mat makes it easier for the patient to get inside the capsule and to take a convenient position to start hot pilates exercises.

Color therapy

Based on the use of properly selected colors that affect the functioning of the body. A specific color of light stimulates the brain to specific hormonal reactions, and the hormones produced in the glands are transmitted through the bloodstream to internal organs, activating them and regulating their work. Chromotherapy increases immunity, gives additional energy, restores the body’s balance, calms down and increases the overall level of satisfaction.

Modern solution for yoga studio

This hot pilates class is designed to detoxify, recharge and restore the body, mind and soul. Activshape Pilates capsule is a best solution as an innovative equipment for any hot yoga studio or hot pilates center. Activshape Pilates hot capsule is designed to balance the active and passive energies of the body. This will facilitate in opening the physical body in a more-more dynamic and energetic way.

Using our unique equpment for pilates or hot yoga you could create a class is designed to burn fat tissue and blast calories as well as provide a rehabilitation benefits during a pilates class. It’s a total body workout that is carried out barefoot on a mat. With InfraRed Pilates hot capsule you could provide a fun, high- energy classes that consists of a warm up, high intensity cardio with tabadas and hand weights are incorporated to strength and tighten muscles, followed by some abs and a light cool down.



Height:185 cm (72,83 inches)
Width:150 cm (59,06 inches)
Length:264 cm (103,94 inches)

Temperature inside:36,6°C

Ropes resistance: 1.5kg

Display size: 10.1”

Infrared IR radiation: 450nm

Infrared power: 350W

Color therapy: Yes

Pull-out mat: Yes

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